Monday, February 4, 2013

What More Could a Writer Want?


To celebrate the new look and name of this blog, (and I want to thank +Eunice Charlton Trujillo for helping me improve it) I decided to post another story this morning. I hope you like it.

                           What More Could a Writer Want?

I have read this story to countless children at countless schools, and it's always such fun. As the suspense grows, they become more and more involved, and by the time they hear the word "puppy," they are so sure they know what happens next I'm likely to hear a chorus of sweet "Aw's," almost as if they can see the puppy before them. But then....such disappointment, indignation, incredulity!
    A quick page turn, and the ending brings relief. They laugh, they applaud, they draw pictures to illustrate the story and tell me they can't wait until it's a book. Alas, I fear that's not to be. But maybe there's a child in your life, or a child in you, who would like some story-fun for sunshine on this gray January morning. Happy reading, and thank you again for visiting.

                  Tim the Finder-Keeper

 On Monday Tim found a garter snake
    And brought it home in a bag.

His mother said,
   "Snakes are creepy,
    Snakes are slithery,
    Snakes are always hiding."
 So the snake had to go. 

On Tuesday Tim found a duckling
    And brought it home in a pail.

His mother said,
    "Ducklings are noisy,
    Ducklings are untidy,
    Ducklings are always splashing."
So the duckling had to go. 

On Wednesday Tim found a rabbit
    And brought it home in a box.

His mother said,
    "Rabbits twitch and tremble,
    Rabbits sniff and startle,
    Rabbits are always shedding."
So the rabbit had to go.

 On Thursday Tim found a turtle
    And carried it home on a Frisbee.

His mother said,
    "Turtles are clumsy,
    Turtles are smelly,
    Turtles eat disgusting things
       like worms and flies and moths."
So the turtle had to go. 

On Friday Tim found a kitten
    And brought it home in a basket.

His mother said,
    "Kittens climb curtains,
    Kittens claw couches,
    Kittens pounce and leap."
So the kitten had to go. 

On Saturday Tim found a puppy
    And brought it home in his shirt.

His mother said,
    "Puppies are yappy,
    Puppies have fleas,
    Puppies are always chewing."
So the puppy had to go.

On Sunday Tim found... an Elephant
   And rode home on its back.

 His mother said, "Well,
     An elephant could wash the windows --
     Vacuum the rugs, keep the grass short and tidy.
     An elephant could take us to the grocery,
     and the pharmacy and the dry cleaners, and my hairdresser,
     and the beach...why he could take us everywhere,
         and we could always find him in a parking lot!” 

"You mean I can keep him?" asked Tim.
   “Of course you can,” said his mother.
   "He'll be the perfect pet.
   Now what do you want to name him?
    And what should we make him for lunch?”





  1. Oh my - this is fun, Sally! Thanks for your gift - I have read this on a dark February evening, in the warmth of my hobbit home. At least, it feels like a hobbit home! Kathleen

  2. I love this, Sally! It'd make a great PB. I can just picture the page turn & illustration where the reader first spots the elephant. Maybe self publish it?