Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Bad Thing

     Some years ago, something bad happened, and so I wrote a story. I thought it could be a picture book, and someone could paint bright pictures for it. But no one wanted to publish it, so I put it away in a drawer. Today seems like a good day to bring it out, in case somehow it can help someone. If you like, use it any way you choose. It's yours for the taking, given with love and sorrow.

 A Bad Thing
A bad thing happened.
"Why?" Emma asked her father.
He held her close.
     "Sometimes we don't know," he said.
     "And then we get scared and angry."
"I don't like being scared," Emma said.
     "Neither do I," said her father.
     "So I try to remember
     that even though bad things happen sometimes
     God sends us good things every day.
"Babies are born,
And grandmas sing to them.
School doors open wide.
Rain washes dirt off sidewalks.
Pigeons like blue and gray kites
fly up when church bells ring.
Signs flash bright colors at night.
People laugh.
     They bring home groceries,
           stop at red lights,
               help each other.
Firemen put out fires,
Policemen in white gloves
Blow their whistles and tell drivers when they can go.
Balls bounce.
Cats sleep in puddles of sun,
Dogs wag their tails,
and dandelions sprout between sidewalk squares.
Somewhere snow is falling softly,
Somewhere a turtle suns on a log,
and somewhere at a party,
a little girl wishes on birthday candles.
Every day,
all over God's world,
good things are happening.
More good things than bad, Emma,
God sees to that."
"I know a good thing," said Emma.
     "What's that?"
"I've got a new library book
and you can read me a story."
     "I can read you a story,
     and you can give me a hug."
"Hugs are really good things," said Emma.